Exfoliating Polish

Magnesium crystals exfoliate dead skin cells to create a clear, smooth and even toned complexion.

All skin types

•  Provides physical exfoliation with magnesium crystals for at-home benefits of microdermabrasion
•  Instantly polishes skin to restore a smoother texture and healthy glow
•  Removes dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores
•  Stimulates healthy circulation
•  Stimulates cellular renewal to brighten skin and even skin tone
•  Enhances the penetration of active ingredients
•  Helps to quickly remove dry, flaking skin
•  Contains a combination of vitamins to provide powerful antioxidant protection

Key Ingredients
•  Ultra-fine magnesium oxide crystals: Remove dead skin cells, improve skin texture, promote healthy circulation and cell turnover
•  Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil: Provides antibacterial benefits and helps dissolve surface oil
•  Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (vitamin C-ester): Helps inhibit pigment production to restore an even skin tone
•  Glycerin and caprylic/capric triglyceride: Hydration and lipid replenishment, restoration, skin barrier function repair
•  Vitamins A, C and E: Deliver antioxidant protection

Directions for Use
Gently massage a small amount on damp face and neck. Rinse thoroughly.

Net Wt. 65 g / 2.3 Oz.